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 Why Choose Us?

We Specialize in Fintech

We have both capabilities: fast testing and complex development especially suitable for Fintech Startups.

Free Week Testing

Let’s Start Working together. If you are not satisfied in a week, you can back out without paying. 


15 Years of Experience

Our Managing Partners Aleksandr and Sergey have more than 15 years of experience in Software Development.

Who are we?

Hi! I’m Aleksandr Sidorov, an Experienced CTO with a strong background in product management and software development. With my team of developers, we focus on creating products with results for Fintech Startups in Toronto.

Our purpose is to give all the tools and expertise necessary for Toronto fintech Startups to succeed.

We do More than just coding. We mix marketing, product development and technical expertise.

Learn more about us at Valued Tech.

We use a combination of Technological Approaches

Depending on each Case

Control matters

Nothing happens without leadership.  We can even provide one of our managing partners as CTO in your startup.

Quality matters

We use proven solutions compatible with enterprise software in USA and Canada. They easily integrate in existing informational infrastructure.

Speed matters

We know how to work with scarce resources. Speed means cheaper and safer products.   

When Quality Matters

High quality software is critical for FinTech projects. We use the highest standards

Enterprise Grade Applications

We use Pivotal Spring framework. As it’s Java – we have numerous number of integrations with other packages. We can extend existing solution or integrate many solutions at one.

Automatic Testing

FinTech application is always Mission Critical software. It must works without bugs or logic errors. We use automatic tests, TDD approach to keep customers and partners safe.

Integrated in Cloud

Kubernetes is one of possible solutions for robust software. It allows to scale applications for growth and save time on deployment. Our applications are fully compatible with Google Cloud Engine and Azure Kubernetes Service.

When Speed Matters
Sometimes speed is crucial to test solutions without spending too much resources. We have your back.

Server-less Functions

The fastest way to build API endpoint, integration point or webhook. We use this for temporary solutions.

Continuous Integration

We use famous Jenkins CI/CD pipelines. It speeds up the routine tasks, so we can dedicate our effort to actual development.

Integrated in Cloud

Kubernetes one of possible solutions for robust software. It allows to scale application for growth and save time on deployment. Our application fully compatible with Google Cloud Engine and Azure Kubernetes Service.

 Full Time or Fractional CTO*

*Part time available
Get fast and effective advice in:
  • Technical structure of your Digital Product
  • Minimal team required
  • Time and budget estimation
  • Efficient roadmap for your product
  • Product Market Fit testing

Full control over Data

Many companies have a lot of data. We use Spring Data-flows for heavy solutions. Por example, for financial transaction processing or bank account reconciliation.

Stress-Test your Idea on Market

Our First Step is to Validate your Product with the Market

We work using the Google Sprint methodology. By the end of the first week we have a prototype to help you test the response of future users.

What Clients say About us

“We recommend Aleksandr as a reliable and efficient problem solver with strong technical background”

Sven Nicolai, CEO of Snappit AS

“Aleksandr Sidorov and his team developed a bespoke maritime software application for our company that became a reliable tool in our daily work.”

Tatyana, CFO of Zemland Shipping, Ltd.

“We chose Mr. Aleksandr and his team because of how easy it was to communicate with them, to discuss project tasks and receive results in an iterative agile succession. They delivered a custom software tool for our company helping us significantly to increase the business process transparency”

Dmitry Korchnev, CEO of Rufco Ltd.

Valued Tech Team


We are happy to hear from you and see how we can help. We know not every call ends up with a deal, and we are also looking to make more connections in Toronto.

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